How to configure SNMP public neighbourhood in Windows Core server

Normally we would configure SNMP through the services control, but with a core server this i not possible. Not even with remote managed mmc.
Instead we need to set it manually throug the Registry Editor.
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Here we will find the needed Keys, ValidCommunities and PermittedManagers.

Under the ValidCommutity Key we create a DWORD with the name of the Community/neighbourhood you want, with a value.

  • 8 sets read/write permission.
  • 4 sets read only permission.
  • 1 sets no access.

The PermittedManagers define who is allowed to connect to the SNMP service.
Create a new String with the next number in line, and set the IP address of the connecting host/client as the value.

Restart the SNMP service ex.(Powershell) Restart-service SNMP